Proposal 506 of the Labour Party Electoral Manifesto

Doctors for Life expresses its concerns regarding Proposal 506 of the Labour Party Electoral Manifesto

Doctors for Life has scrutinised the electoral programs being presented by the political parties and would like to express its concerns regarding proposal 506 contained within the 2022 Electoral Manifesto of the Partit Laburista, namely:

“Nippubblikaw il-politika aggornata dwar is-saħħa sesswali fl-iqsar żmien possibbli. Din il-politika għandha tirrifletti r-realtajiet tal-lum fein tidħol is-saħħa u d-drittijiet sesswali u riproduttivi, fid-diversità kollha taghħa. Maghħa ser inniedu pjan t’azzjoni b’għanijiet, miżuri u skadenzi ċari li ¡zommu lill-gvern responsabbli gat-twettiq tal-istess politika.”

Our concerns from the terminology being used in the proposal, specifically the term “d-drittijiet sesswali u riproduttivi”. commonly used, this term is widely understood to include abortion.
Doctors for Life strongly affirms that the killing of early human life is unethical and that the right to life should always be safeguarded.

To this end, Doctors for Life is appealing to the Prime Minister who has on numerous occasions clearly stated his stand against abortion, to urge the Partit Laburista to issue a statement clarifying what is being defined by “drittijiet sesswali u riproduttivi”, and to categorically exclude abortion from this definition, thus amending proposal 506 in order to reflect this.

In the absence of the above, DfL will have to assume that proposal 506 does in fact include the provision of abortion.

Thus, whilst remaining politically neutral and not advocating support for any particular political party, DfL will be advising the electorate that supporting proposal 506 of the PL manifesto, as it stands today, may be endorsing the future legalisation of abortion.

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