Pregnant Mother at MDH

Doctors for Life firmly believes that the life of the mother always needs to be protected.

Doctors for life is closely following developments on the 16-week, pregnant US citizen who unfortunately presented with premature rupture of membranes (broken waters) and bleeding.

We genuinely empathise with the apprehension of the couple in question and want to emphasise that the practice at Mater Dei Hospital always seeks to ensure that the mother’s life is always protected and given priority.

Whenever such a case presents to hospital, a careful assessment is made to assess the severity of the condition. The patient is intensively monitored and promptly treated for any signs of infection. If serious haemorrhage or infection supervenes, then the uterus is always evacuated. Such a decision is taken at the highest clinical level and would involve at least 2 consultants.

Premature rupture of membranes does not always result in infection and not all such pregnancies end up in a spontaneous miscarriage. This is why not all cases require evacuation of the uterus (induced labour) at the outset. Nevertheless, if it is required then this is done, even if the foetus is too young to survive outside the womb. Each case is assessed and managed on its own merits by the caring specialist.

This practice has stood the test of time and our zero percent maternal mortality for the last 12 years attests to that.

We hope that the Health department may be forthcoming in providing some details about this case in order to reassure those who may be concerned about the level of care delivered at Mater Dei in such cases.

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