European Parliamentary Vote Undermines The Protection of Human Life

Doctors for Life Deplores the Attack on the Right to Life of Unborn Children and the Blatant Attempt to Undermine the Right To Conscientious Objection by Medical Professionals

DFL is troubled to note the recent adoption of the Matic report by the European Parliament, that seeks to make abortion a human right. This report is another step in the efforts of the pro-abortion lobby to normalize this abhorrent practice in Europe and force it on member states. It is a shame that such a divisive issue was endorsed by the EP, further testing the core European principle of subsidiarity and leaving many wondering whether the European motto ‘United in Diversity’ is slowly being replaced by a totalitarianism of values.

The report utilizes the same shrewd and misleading approach to force politicians and the public to acquiesce and submit to its conclusions by repeatedly conflating gender equality and basic human rights with abortion. This rationale makes the rejection of abortion equivalent to an unwillingness to grant equality or essential human rights and is a strategy employed repeatedly to compel others to accept such proposals. Of course, such a strategy necessitates the continued employment of euphemisms like reproductive rights and healthcare to sanitize the brutal reality of the intervention.

Abortion unequivocally involves the intentional killing of a human life and we challenge anyone to deny this, since it is self-evident. The survival of the embryo or fetus would be considered a ‘failed’ abortion. How tragic that this proposed paradigm for human rights should include an intervention with the sole purpose of taking a human life. DFL categorically and unequivocally rejects the ludicrous assertion that abortion is healthcare, since we maintain that healthcare should strive to provide optimal care for all human beings, in this case, both the mother and her child.
The Matic report doesn’t restrict itself to make killing a right but goes a step further and makes it an obligation by striving to challenge conscientious objection. In various countries where abortion is legal there are a significant proportion of medical practitioners who are unwilling to provide abortions, much to the dismay of those who would argue that it is basic healthcare.

In Ireland, (which has a GP led abortion service), despite the significant financial incentives provided by the government, more than 80% of GPs refuse to be involved with the service and repeated surveys have shown that the vast majority (85%) of the GP community in Ireland does not consider it a routine part of general practice. In Italy the percentage of doctors who refuse to perform abortions has consistently risen over the past decades and last stood at 70.2%. Does this freedom of conscience become so intolerable to those who would want to impose their values on others that they would seek to legislate to make criminals out of these doctors? It is ironic that the freedom of conscience rights we take for granted are now under threat by the very institution that is meant to protect them.

We want to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to those Maltese MEPs from both parties who shunned political expediency and voted against the report. Their position was representative of the Maltese sentiment and the ethical understanding that all human lives matter and are deserving of the right to life.

It is sobering to note that previously abortion was presented by the pro-abortion lobby as a tragic necessity. Today they claim it’s a human right. In the future, they may seek to make it a legal obligation. Wake up Malta. Wake up Europe. #silentnomore

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